The Best P2P Lending Bonus and Cashback Offers

You should make use of these p2p lending bonus and cashback offers before opening an account on these peer to peer lending marketplaces. I’m only listing cashback offers to p2p lending platforms I personally like and that I’m currently invested in myself as well.

Bondora Signup Bonus

  • My Bondora Go & Grow review
  • How much: 5 Euro Bonus after signing up (only new users)
  • Conditions: Invest 10 Euros within 30 days after signup
  • Get the Bondora Signup Bonus: Here


Envestio Cashback 

  • My Envestio review
  • How much: 5 Euro Bonus on your first deposit + 0,5% cashback on all your investments during the first 270 days!
  • Conditions: The 5 Euro Bonus is paid within 24h of your first deposit of at least 100 Euros. The 0,5% timespan bonus on your investment is paid before the 5th of each month.
  • Get the Envestio Bonus: Here


Iuvo Group Cashback

  • My Iuvo Group review
  • How much: 30 Euros + 60 Euros
  • Conditions: First you need to request a referral here. You get a 30 Euro Bonus on your first investment of at least 1.000 Euros. If you deposit and invest an additional 1.500 Euros (for a total of 2.500€ or more), you receive an additional 60 Euro Bonus. That’s a 3,6% cashback bonus on a 2.500€ investment!
  • Get the Iuvo Group Bonus: Request a referral here and follow the instructions in the email.


Mintos Cashback

  • My Mintos review (coming soon!)
  • How much: 1% cashback on your investment. Plus, only in December 2018: 5 Euro Bonus for your first deposit through Trustly.
  • Conditions: The 1% bonus on your investment (up to 250 Euro bonus) will be calculated on the daily invested balance. It is calculated over a three month period: 30, 60, and 90 days after the registration date and it is paid in three instalments. Only in December 2018, receive an additional 5 Euro bonus on your first deposit (at least 50 Euros) using Trustly.
  • Get the Mintos Bonus: Here