The month of May is behind us, which means it’s time for my latest P2P lending income update before I fly to the P2P Conference in Riga!

Today I’ll go over my numbers for May 2019. You’ll be able to see exactly how much money I have invested on each peer to peer platform, my deposits and withdrawals, as well as my crowdlending returns for the month.

Shall we get to it?

May 2019 Overview

Platform Income IRR Invested Value
Bondora G&G 3,62€ 6,58% 552€ 651€
Envestio 77,87€ 22,86% 3.920€ 4.440€
Grupeer 18,68€ 14,05% 2.000€ 2.090€
Iuvo Group 35,61€ 16,26% 2.850€ 3.211€
Mintos 35,47€ 11,25% 4.605€ 4.793€
Crowdestor 3,33€ 5,60% 1.000€ 1.005€
Total 174,58€ 15,47% 14.927€ 16.190€

Note: I closed my FastInvest account in May and moved the money to other platforms.

Time for Rebalancing and no more FastInvest

Last month I felt it was time to take a closer look at my current peer to peer lending portfolio and my exposure to each platform.

After all, just like with my other investments like ETFs, I never want to put all my eggs in one basket and instead aim for a well-diversified portfolio to diversify my risk within each asset class. At the same time, I still want to be able to take advantage of the high return opportunities the P2P lending market has to offer, while keeping it simple by avoiding being invested in a lot of platforms.

After reviewing my portfolio and the European crowdlending market as a whole, I decided to withdraw my money from FastInvest, substantially increase my position in Mintos, add some extra money to Grupeer and Crowdestor and to withdraw a small amount from Iuvo Group last month. 

FastInvest simply wasn’t doing anything different or better than Mintos or Iuvo Group and just adding unnecessary complexity to my investment strategy. Quite the opposite actually. Compared to the other two, we still don’t know who the loan originators are or their respective financial statements. While the new website does look nice, the current returns of up to 13% simply aren’t good enough  for this level of uncertainty, at least for me. That’s why I closed my account (260€) in May.

Taking a closer look at my returns

My P2P lending income in May was 174,58€ (-4,91€), slightly lower than my record from the previous month. That was to be expected in this month of transition, since there is no more income from FastInvest and I did some rebalancing. The funds I moved will start paying interest in the near future, so I’m positive we’ll see record earnings by next month. I’m at 11,64% of my first goal (1.500€ passive income from investments).

Bondora Go & Grow

As you know, when it comes to Bondora, I only use Go & Grow. It has a lower interest rate of up to 6,75% per year but in turn offers instant liquidity, so that I can withdraw my money at any time. So for me it’s great to receive some interest on money I’ll probably need in the near future.

I received 3,62€ (+0,13€) in interest last month on Go & Grow. If you’re interested, you can get a 5€ Bonus when you sign up via my link.

Note: I parked an extra 7.000€ on Go & Grow for most of September last year, which explains the income spike


Another strong month for my Envestio account! After a solid jump in April, my income from the platform increased further, to 77,87€ (+1,60€) last month. I’m curious to see if next month will be even better.

Throughout May, Envestio published 7 new loans with interest rates between 16%-19,3% per year. Personally, I was able to be fully invested most of the time.

That only works if you make sure you check your e-mails regularly though, as new loans are funded quickly after Envestio sends out an e-mail about them.

Envestio remained my top performer (by a long shot!) last month, with an internal rate of return of 22,86% (+0,04%) since I started investing in October 2018. Feel free to check out my written review or video, if you want to learn more about the platform.

You can get a 5 Euro Bonus on your first deposit (100€ or more) + 0,5% Cashback on all your investments during the first 270 days if you sign up via my link.


As I planned in my previous monthly update, I deposited another 500€ on Grupeer last month and increased my total investment to 2.000€.

My income from Grupeer slightly decreased to 18,68€ (-3,84€) in May, as I didn’t get any additional Cashback payments last month (unlike in April). Nonetheless, I’m very happy with my organic growth in income compared to April, which I expect to further increase next month.

Grupeer recently announced a new cashback campaign. You instantly get 1% cashback when when you invest in PlanetaCash loans or “classical” Finsputnik Platforma loans on Grupeer in June. Just double-check that the loan has the symbol below to get the cashback:

I also published my my written review and video about Grupeer recently, so feel free to check that out if you want to learn more about my experience so far.

Update (June 13th): Until the end of June, you can get an exclusive 10€ Bonus on Grupeer when signing up via our link.

Iuvo Group

Note: Oct 8 shows the 90€ refer-a-friend bonus

Iuvo Group passively generated 35,61€ (-2,75€) in interest last month. Why the drop? As I mentioned in the beginning, I rebalanced my P2P lending portfolio and moved 650€ from Iuvo Group to Mintos last month.

Nonetheless, Iuvo Group is still my third biggest investment and I’m not planning any more withdrawals in the near future. I’ve always been happy with my returns, the availability of high-interest loans and the reliable auto-invest ever since I started investing on the platform in the beginning of October 2018.

If you want to learn more about Iuvo Group, including how you can also get a 30-90€ Bonus on your investment, make sure you check out my written review or my video, in which I also review the loan originators on the platform.


My income from Mintos is on the rise and reached a new record. I received 35,47€ (+1,66€) in interest payments in May. 

I deposited an extra 1.130€ on Mintos over the course of May, increasing my total investment to 4.605€, turning Mintos into my largest P2P lending investment. I’m expecting solid cashflow growth in the coming months.

In addition, I was also able to sell some older 10-11% interest loans on the secondary market and reinvest that money into new loans with interest rates between 13%-15,1% per year. That should lead to a higher internal rate of return in the long run.

I love that Mintos allows me to diversify so widely within a single platform. There is an enormous number of available loans with a buyback guarantee, offered by 61 loan originators in 29 countries

On what other platform is this level of diversification over countries possible?

If you want to take a closer look at Mintos, you can get a 1% Bonus on your investment by signing up via my link.  


I deposited another 500€ on Crowdestor on May 20th and increased my investment to 1.000€

I received 3,33€ (+1,34€) in interest last month, but as most of my investments haven’t started paying interest yet, I’m expecting a substantial cashflow increase in the coming months.

Overall I really like Crowdestor so far and I think it could be the perfect alternative to Envestio in case no loans are available on the latter for a while. The last 4 loan deals had interest rates between 18%-21% per year! I’m looking forward to increasing my investment here in the coming months.

P2P Conference

The first ever P2P conference in Riga is only three days away and I’m really excited! I’ll also have the chance to connect with some of the platforms while I’m in Riga.

Note: Try the code P2PEARLYBIRD40 for 40% off!

So far, I already have an appointment with the Grupeer team and I’m attending the Mintos events in addition to the conference. In addition to tons of awesome bloggers, I might be able to meet the Iuvo Group CEO and talk to Envestio, Crowdestor and Bondora, so that I can hopefully provide you with some cool behind-the-scenes information in the coming weeks.

Let me know if there are any questions you would like to have answered while I’m there!

Video of the article


  1. What do you think of Kuetzal? Would you trust them with your money?
    Their website seems like a ripoff of Envestio and a generally clunky

    • Angelo Reply

      No, I’m not planning to invest with them any time soon. The CEO is really young and I don’t think they have too much experience in the field (of course I could be wrong). I would prefer Crowdestor and Envestio personally.

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