Before getting into it, I would like to point out that my IUVO Group review is unbiased and only based on my personal experience investing with them.

I am going to be fully transparent about my investment and show you the exact returns I am getting on my deposit. You’ll see why they are one of my favorite P2P platforms to invest in right now.

I will also show you how you can get a nice 30-90€ bonus or cashback on your investment – but more on that later.

Update (February 7th, 2019): I updated the review with my most recent numbers, so you can see my investment’s progress so far.

Who is IUVO Group and what do they offer?

IUVO Group was launched in August 2016. They let you invest your money in mortgage loans, secured car loans, business loans and personal loans in four countries: Romania, BulgariaGeorgia and most recently, Poland.

I really like that all loans are issued with a buyback guarantee by one of the 6 loan originators on the platform: EasyCredit, FastFinance, BBG, VivaCredit, iCredit and KFP. This means that the loan originator guarantees to pay you back the money you invested in a loan if the borrower hasn’t made a payment in more than 30 or 60 days (depending on the loan).

You can also choose in which currency you would like to invest: EUR, BGN or RON. Personally I only invest in euro-loans, as I don’t want to deal with foreign currency risk.

Over 43 million euros have been invested with them since they launched and the average annual return for investors is 9,2%, according to their website. But don’t worry, I will show you how I set up my Auto Invest for returns of over 13% per year on my money!

My Iuvo Group experience

I started investing with IUVO Group in the beginning of October 2018 and have been very impressed with my results so far. Compared to some other P2P lending platforms, my money is always fully invested as there are plenty of available loans.

My deposits

  • Oct. 5th: 1.000€ deposit
  • Oct. 8th: 1.500€ deposit
  • Dec. 7th: 1.000€ deposit

My IUVO Group dashboard

(my account balance as of Feb. 1st 2019)

As you can see, I haven’t made any withdrawals from my account as I’ve been very pleased with my returns. I set the auto-invest up to automatically reinvest the interest I receive, which is working very well.

Now you’re probably wondering how my account balance can already be 3.712€ when I only invested 3.500€ a couple of months ago? That’s because IUVO Group has a very attractive refer-a-friend program in addition to the comparatively high returns. Note: This only works if you receive an invite via mail, which I can do for you here.

After receiving an invitation via mail and signing up using the link in the mail, IUVO Group adds an extra 30€ to your account if you invest 1.000€ (3%) and you get an additional 60€ bonus if you invest another 1.500€ within 60 days of you signing up. That makes for a very nice 3,6% instant return on a total investment of 2.500€. You can request a referral to IUVO Group here

My monthly income from IUVO Group

As you can see, that first income spike (90€) came from the refer-a-friend bonus, which I also invested on the platform to generate extra income. Since then, my investment has been passively generating more and more in interest payments every month (39,5€ in January). Personally, I’m very happy with those numbers.

Now, what about my internal rate of return (IRR)? I’m glad you asked.

(as of Feb. 1st 2019)

This number obviously includes the 90€ bonus I received, so it will get lower as time progresses. Still, even excluding that amount I’m still getting an IRR of over 13% on my money. Here is how:

My Auto invest settings

You can name your portfolio however you want. Just make sure the Portfolio size is larger than your current account value if you want the Auto Invest to work correctly. I only invest in loans that offer an interest rate of at least 12,2%.

The Maximum investment in one loan is up to you. If you put it higher (eg. 100€), you’ll be fully invested faster, if you put it lower (eg. 30€), then you’re more diversified across a larger number of loans.

I prefer shorter instalments of 7-15 days, but recently added ‘1 month’ to include business loans by KFP.

I only want to invest in current (not overdue loans)

And lastly, after you clicked Confirm, here is what your auto invest should look like when it is running correctly. If there is a ‘play’ symbol on the top right corner, you need to click it to Activate the Auto-Invest. You’re done!

Don’t worry if you don’t see too many available loans for your criteria right away. Just set up your AutoInvest and it will pick them up as soon as they’re released. New 14%+ interest loans are added every week, either on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morning.


IUVO Group is easily one of my favorite peer to peer lending platforms right now. I’ve seen great results thanks to their high interest rates, with most of my loans paying up to 14,9% interest per year. I also really appreciate the loan buyback guarantee and their refer-a-friend bonus is definitely one of the best in the crowdlending space.

How to get a 90€ Bonus on IUVO Group

For this to work, you need to first request a referral to IUVO Group here.

After receiving an invitation via mail and signing up using the link in the mail, IUVO Group adds an extra 30€ to your account if you invest 1.000€ (that’s a 3% Bonus) and you get an additional 60€ Bonus if you invest another 1.500€ within 60 days of you signing up.

That makes for a very nice 3,6% instant return on a total investment of 2.500€! Fill out this form and I’ll gladly send an invite your way!

What was your experience?

Have you invested with IUVO Group before? Do you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share? If you do, please share them below.

Note (February 7th, 2019): I updated this review with my most recent numbers and AutoInvest settings!

My Iuvo Group Video Review (incl. loan originators)


  1. Hello!! I did not know this platform! It looks very similar to Mintos, and the truth that has interested me enough at the beginning of February I register with them from your link to get the € 90: P

    Thank you.

    • Luigi Reply

      Hey Miguel! I’m very happy with my investments there so far and I think they’re a great addition to other platforms like Mintos. I just invited you through my IUVO Group account, you should receive it within the next couple of hours (they have to manually send out the invites).

      Are you planning to keep track of your investments there via your Spanish P2P blog as well? 🙂

  2. Hello there!
    Thanks for your efforts regarding P2P platform reviews etc and the efforts you put into your blog. The only thing that is keeping me from investing in Iuvo is the lack of late interest payments in case of buyback. I have not seen you commenting on this rather seldom P2P platform policy. Can you already share your experience on this? What (do you think) is your real XIRR in the end (also excluding your received bonuses because this differs between investors).

    • Luigi Reply

      Hey Chris, first of all thank you!
      Great question. Under the assumption that I deposited the 90€ Bonus myself, my internal rate of return is 13,03% – which I think is still very good! That’s also why I don’t mind the lack of interest payments in case of buy-back after 60 days. The latter might even be an advantage in a worst-case scenario (economic crisis, more defaults etc.), as you’re decreasing the burden on loan originators in case of more defaults and the risk of them going bankrupt (and you losing some money).
      All in all, I’m very happy with my returns so far, even excluding the bonus. Hope this helps!

  3. thank you for the link Angelo, I received the 90 euros I hope you also received them 😉

    Your autoinvestment strategy works well, but I have a small sum (around 100 euros) not invested.

    What do you advise me to do? I waited 2 days but the situation did not change, I also tried to lower the rate to 11.5% but nothing happened

    • happy to hear that! Yes, I think I received the bonus as well – cheers! 🙂

      Iuvo Group always publishes new 14-15% iCredit loans on Thursday early morning, which usually last till Friday evening or Monday. So I would just wait until tomorrow and you should be fully invested!

  4. Hi Angelo,

    Great content, this article is really helpful, especially that you shared your auto invest settings.
    I was wondering, would you consider writing an article where you do the same with Mintos?

    • thank you Matyas, I’m happy to hear that! I was already planning to do that, thank you for reminding me! 🙂

  5. Which loan classifications do you invest in? Also the HRs?

    • yes, actually most of my loans are HR from iCredit. They offer the highest interest rate and in my opinion they’re worth waiting for (new ones usually come out Thursday or Friday morning). If you set up your AutoInvest beforehand, it should pick them up as soon as they’re released.

      • Is it still worth it though, since Iuvo’s loan originators don’t pay interest on late loans? I remember you mentioning that this is the reason you exclude Dinero on Mintos. Speaking of which, since Dinero now pays the interest on late loans, do you include it in your Mintos portfolio?

        • To me, it is. But I’ll just give you the numbers, in the end it’s up to you:

          Excluding the bonus (counting it as part of my own deposit), from the 5th of October 2018 until the 1st of November 2019, I have an internal rate of return of 12,71% per year on Iuvo Group. If you include the 90€ bonus, of course that number is higher. I’m happy with these returns.

          Yes, I added Dinero to my Mintos portfolio as soon as they announced that welcome change.

      • Fair enough. Thanks a lot for the input, I’m looking forward to your November summary! 🙂

        • My pleasure! Last month’s update was a lot of work, but I managed to publish it last night. I’m working on the video right now.

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