As usual, I would like to point out that this Envestio review is unbiased and only based on my personal experience investing with the crowdlending platform over the past 4 months.

In this review, I am going to be fully transparent about the amount I invested, my returns and the cashflow it is currently generating every month.

If at the end you’re interested in testing out the platform, I will also show you how you can get a 5€ Bonus + 0,5% Cashback on your investment. But more on that later.

About Envestio

Envestio started as a private investment fund in 2014 and went public in the end of 2017. Like many other peer to peer lending platforms, they are based in Estonia.

The company offers investments in high-yielding loans (up to 22% interest) from different sectors: Real estate, energy production, high-tech (also crypto mining in the past), urban mining, wholesale factoring and even projects like fish processing.

Every loan on their website comes with a buyback guarantee by the platform. At the time of writing, 3.579 investors funded 9.247.821€ worth of loans on the platform and received a comparatively high average interest rate of 19,31%.

Envestio’s Buyback Guarantee

I like that they offer a buyback guarantee for all of their loans so far. Just make sure it says Yes for the buyback and Secured debt for the Financing type in the loan details.

The way their buyback works is a little different compared to other platforms. At any time, you can sell back your investment to Envestio and you’ll receive 95% of the principal you invested. You will still be able to keep all the interest payments you received up until that point.

If a loan defaults (which hasn’t happened on any of the projects yet), investors get back 80% of the investment principal right away and can choose between two options for the remaining 20%:

  • Instantly get back half of the remaining investment amount (10%, for a total of 90% of their investment)
  • Or wait until the full debt is recovered from the defaulted borrower to get all of their money back.

My experience after 4 months

I started investing some money on Envestio around 4 months ago, on the 4th of October 2018. I was intrigued by the very high interest rates, combined with the buyback guarantee and other positive reviews (some bloggers also visited the company) I had read online.

As you will see below, my experience has been very good up to this point. So far, I always received interest and principal payments on time.

My deposits

  • Oct. 4th: 500€ deposit
  • Oct. 11th: 1.500€ deposit
  • Oct. 18th: 300€ deposit
  • Nov. 15th: 1.000€ deposit
  • Nov. 22nd: 150€ deposit
  • Dec. 5th: 470€ deposit

My Envestio dashboard

My account value as of Jan. 29th, 2019

I haven’t made any withdrawals from my account as I’ve been very happy with the comparatively very high returns.

I invested a total of 3.920€ and my account balance is currently 4.132€. I received 176,87€ in interest so far, plus an additional 35,22€ bonus on my investment and for signing up.

Here is how you can get that extra Bonus as well: By signing up via my link, you get a 5€ Bonus on your first deposit and a 0,5% timespan Bonus on all of your investments on the platform over the first 270 days.

My monthly Income and Returns from Envestio

Ever since starting with Envestio and slowly increasing my deposited amount until the beginning of December, my monthly income from the platform has been steadily climbing higher. This month, I already received 77,89€ in interest (+11,72€ compared to last month).

I also continually reinvested the interest and principal payments I received. My internal rate of return? I’m glad you asked.

Not too bad, right? I received 21,64% interest (IRR) on my invested funds so far. That’s the power of compounding (re-investing my returns) as well as the extra 0,5% cashback on my investment from Envestio.

Those high returns are also the reason why Envestio is currently the largest position in my P2P lending portfolio. In case you’re wondering, my second largest is Iuvo Group, followed by Mintos.

Going forward

One thing worth noting is that as Envestio has been growing in popularity and attracting more investors over the past few months, average interest rates for new projects have decreased a little as well.

While interest rates for new projects averaged between 18-22% in the past, the last 10 loans that were funded had interest rates anywhere from 15-17,5% per year. That’s still higher than most other crowdlending platforms (especially with buyback) and they might rise again, which is why I’m not too concerned.

Me investing in a new project

With the large influx of new investors, newly issued loans are funded quickly. Still, Envestio sends out an email whenever a new loan is available, so if you check your mails regularly you shouldn’t have any problem being fully invested. At least I never ran into that issue myself.


I’m highly satisfied with my returns on Envestio, as no other crowdlending platform I know of offers these interest rates combined with a buyback guarantee by the platform. So far, I always received both interest as well as principal payments on time and none of my loans have defaulted or are late on their payments, which gives me some confidence for the future.

If you’d like to test out Envestio for yourself, you can get a 5€ Bonus on your first deposit and a 0,5% timespan Bonus on all of your investments on the platform over the first 270 days here.

What was your experience with Envestio? I’d love to know in the comments.

My Video Review of Envestio (March 19th)


  1. Hey dude, I am just about to invest with envestio with your referral link as a thank you for providing this useful review.
    I also think of running a blog about this like yours and would like to pick your mind about it all. Hit me back if you would like to chat 🙂

    • Angelo Reply

      Thanks man, I appreciate it 🙂
      Sure, I just sent you an e-mail!

  2. Envestio does not live up to the high interest rates. There are also big issues with new projects so alot of cash drag. I am pulling my money out of there.

    • Yes, they’ve been a bit slow with new projects lately. Still, August has been better than the past few months with 3 projects so far, so hopefully the situation is improving.
      Nonetheless, platforms like Crowdestor seem to be doing a much better job at finding new high-interest loan opportunities at the moment.

  3. Thank you Angelo, for this review. I just registered to Envestio via your link.
    I have started on Mintos 2 months and Zonky 9 months ago. Its amazing to see interests growing every month. Your monthly updates are highly appreciated. Keep it up. Zdenek

    • You’re very welcome, Zdenek! Thank you for your support and for the kind words, I really appreciate it!

      I agree, compound interest is a beautiful thing.

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